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Who can participate? Is my child eligible?

Chidon HaTanach Canada is open to Canadian students in grades 5-11. Many Jewish Day schools have formal classes or clubs where students can study and learn for Chidon HaTanach. Some Supplementary schools also provide formal preparation for Chidon. We strongly encourage your child to participate in the context of their schools’ program as children benefit from preparing and reviewing material with their peers. Even if your child’s school does not have a formal program, your child is still eligible to participate as an independent student.

Are Israelis eligible to participate?

Any child in grades 5-11 who is currently living in Canada is permitted to take part in Chidon Canada.  However, children who are considered Israeli according to the Chidon rules are not eligible to win the trip to Israel.  In order to be eligible to win the trip to Israel, your child must have been living in the Diaspora for 6 years at the time of the finals, so that they will have been outside of Israel for 7 years before the trip to Israel.  In addition, children of official Israeli שליחים (emissaries) or Israeli government employees are not eligible to win the trip to Israel, regardless of how long they have lived outside Israel.

When does the event take place? Where does it take place?

Chidon HaTanach has two parts: Regional Test & National Competition.
The Regional competitions usually occur in early March. Please visit our homepage for up-to-date information on the dates for your region. If your region is not listed and you would like to participate, please contact us.
The National Competition usually occurs in early May. Please visit our homepage for up-to-date information on the date and location. The National location rotates annually between Montreal & Toronto.

How can I register?

For the Regional Tests, each student must be registered through our online registration system. Please visit our 'Register' page to learn more.
For the National Competition, registration information is sent to qualifying students.

Is there a cost to participate?

Yes. The regional fees are handled by your school.  If you are an independent student, please contact us.  The fee for participation in the National Competition is $120 per student. These fees are usually the responsibility of the parents, however some schools may offer discounts or scholarships. The school will let you know if one is available for your child. The fee includes all meals, snacks, activities, transportation and home billeting.

What is the study material? When will we know what to study?

Students are given a set of material to study, which changes every year. Students study chapters from Torah, Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings) depending on the grade level. Study chapters are usually announced in June of the year before the contest. (i.e. 2020 test material is announced in June 2019.) This year's study material can be found here.

What is the study process like? How should my child study for the test?

The study process is different for each child and there is no set way to study. We have created study guides for each division which you can find here, that can help organize your child’s studying. Many schools also have study groups/classes. We strongly encourage your child to participate in the context of his/her school.  Participating through a school is always simpler logistically and we believe that children benefit from preparing and reviewing the material with their peers in a group setting, even though most of a successful contestant’s studying will be done on his/her own, outside of school.  We also encourage you to explore the possibility of joining a study group with a Tanach teacher outside of school.  If your child is registering as an independent student, it is the parents’ responsibility to find a coach/teacher to guide your child's studies.


What is the test like?

The Regional Test is multiple choice. It tests students’ knowledge on details of Biblical stories with appropriate level of difficulty based on a student’s grade level. Students are given up to 3 hours to complete the test, but it usually takes students less than 1 hour. 

What if my child no longer wishes to participate? Can I cancel my registration?

You may cancel your Regional registration at any point. Please be contact us immediately to let us know if your child will no longer be participating. Refunds for Regional registration should be discussed with your school.


We can provide refunds for National registration, if you cancel up to two weeks before the event. Cancellations after this time cannot be guaranteed a refund. ‘No shows’ at either the Regional or National test will not be refunded.

Who organizes the tests and decide the policies of Chidon Canada?

Chidon Canada is a joint effort between The Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education in Toronto and the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre in Montreal. Staff of these organizations administer the tests and organize the event in Canada in association with The Jewish Agency For Israel who host the International Competition.

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